6 definitions by Mrstealyonut

Random person: wow what a cute puppy
Me: No lol Hailey is cuter
by Mrstealyonut January 19, 2022
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Teacher: Perfection can simply not be described
Anyone with a brain: Yes it can
Teacher: Do it then
Anyone with a brain: Hailey
by Mrstealyonut January 19, 2022
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Person looking at the northern light: wow what a beautiful light
Me: Hailey is more of a beauty
by Mrstealyonut January 19, 2022
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She is so sexy and hot
Would be so good to spend so much time with
“God that Hailey is so sexy, I wish i could have her in my bed”
“No man that sexy girl is mine already, find your own”
“But nobody is as sexy as her”
Not my problem
by Mrstealyonut January 19, 2022
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Hailey is a true example of a necessity in life, every person should have their own personal Hailey.
Hailey is a truly amazing person who just makes you smile so much with whatever she does, she is a really nice person who always supports you if you need help or feel bad, she always says nice things too because she is really kind and never selfish, she is also a very beautiful girl who can make you fall in love with only 1 quick peek at her, anytime you look at her your mind goes blank and all you can think about is her. If you manage to get lucky enough to have her as your girlfriend your life will be the best it has ever been because the feeling you get when she says she loves you is unlike any other and cannot even be described, she's also really cute because she's always willing to do so much for you so it makes you happy and when you call her nice things she gets all shy and embarrassed which is just the cutest thing in the world. She is also a very hot girl who is so enjoyable to look at and you can't help but love her.
"Hey man why have you been smiling constantly lately?"
"I met Hailey"
"Oh wow you are really lucky, I wish i had met her"
"Yeah i really love her so much, more than anything in this world"
"You better not hurt her because she is way too amazing to deserve that"
by Mrstealyonut January 17, 2022
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