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Known best for her role in Friends as the person with permanently hard nippples.
guy 1: oh my god jennifer Aniston has an ugly jaw
guy 2: hehe im not looking at her jaw
by Mrs X September 06, 2005

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the performance of a kind of dance that happens when bullets rip through your body, often rapidly so that your body is animated and appears to be dancing.
the body shifted from side to side violently as bullets poured into his body they called it the Danse Macabre
by Mrs X September 04, 2005

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A high school social group. Comprises of people who are both Skatie and Surfie. So they wear an ECKO jumper as well as Mambo board shorts.
stoned surfer: hey dude u cant go to the beach with a gold chain.

Scurvy: Nah im representing

stoned surfer: Fucking Scurvy
by Mrs X September 02, 2005

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A perfect WTF
A situation where it is so random, disorderly, and crazy where the only response is MINDBANG
A fat kid in a wheelchair, going down a hill really fast and he wants cake but he cant have it because hes a fat kid in a wheelchair whos going really fast down a hill with a pool full of crocodiles at the end of the hill..MINDBANG
by Mrs X September 02, 2005

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