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When a black person tries to paint himself white and looks like a Zebra and Nigger
D**n look at the Zigger over there he looks like ying-yang.
by Mrr. Friend May 04, 2010

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When you take a jackulent in a hamburger bun and leave it in a humid environment for 6 to 9 week until it looks like old clumpy milk. Then put it in the toaster oven and enjoy
dude thats not a sloppy joe its my sloopy joe

by Mrr. Friend September 28, 2010

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A term you use when you don't care what the He** some is saying to you. The more R's you use the better the effect.
He Bobbie brush your teeth


What did you say to me?



by Mrr. Friend May 04, 2010

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when a man has sex with a woman and releases his fluid. then takes it out and another man puts his shell (penis) into her and unloads in his fluid. this is supposed to happen many times.
i had a rapid shelling and it was alsome
by Mrr. Friend October 05, 2010

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