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When a person dilutes your alcoholic drink with the soul intention of keeping you more sober than it was your intention to be.
You are at a party (or any drinking situation). You are getting drunk. You are getting too drunk. A person mixes your drink for you with less alcohol and more mixer than you intended to consume.

"She's getting too drunk. I'm going to Mormon her drink so she doesn't puke on my bed later."
She drinks the drink.
"Hey! You Mormoned my drink!"
by Mr. Ford December 07, 2009

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A prison shank made from a tempered plastic tooth-brush. It resembles the tooth of a saber-toothed-tiger.
"Cause of death?"
"Repeated stab wounds from a saber-tooth-brush to the lumbar region."
by Mr. Ford December 07, 2009

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When a man is about to receive oral sex from a woman and instead of inserting his penis into her mouth he slaps her in the face with it. This movement resembles a fish flapping around out of the water.
The site doesn't allow videos so the following will have to suffice...

"Larry the Cable Guy must have had a bad experience. I think he always carries that fish hook on his hat as a fishoutofwater prevention unit."
by Mr. Ford December 12, 2009

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