12 definitions by Mr. $mithers

To be completely dumbfounded at something but can't help laughing at the absurdity of the given situation
Jim: I totally had a flablagraff. I couldn't understand why Phil took that can of Cheez Whiz and shot it down the back of his pants.

Vince: No kidding. I guess he just likes to cut the cheese.
by Mr. $mithers January 02, 2009
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To put on an act seeming to remove one's own stomach contents by means of forced regurgitation, such as eating something that makes you sick.
Alan: Hey man, I think Jimmy's faking it.
Jake: Why do you think?
Alan: He said last night that he had to heave bread, that he might not be in for school today
Jake: I think you're right. Why wouldn't he be able to come in if he threw a loaf of bread?
by Mr. $mithers December 12, 2008
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The best tasting soda on the face of this planet. Older relative of Mountain Dew, which Coke has failed to create an equal soda of such awesomeness. Pepsi isn't cheap teeth rotting sludge that can clean acid off a car battery.
Bernie: Hey, when was the last time you had a Coke?
Boris: When I used it to clean off my car battery.
Bernie: Want a Pepsi?
Boris: Why not? At least it won't rot my teeth!
by Mr. $mithers December 06, 2009
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Eat and beat; verb. Synonym for "dine 'n' dash"

The act of slipping into a buffet or a slightly high price restaurant, chowing your food in a hurry and hoofing it out before your check arrives at the table.

An act committed mostly by someone of the deadbeat persuasion, teenagers or snooty college students.
Waiter: Where's the people who were at table 14?

Waitress: Aw, damn. You serious?

Waiter: S**t. They pulled an Eat and beat.
by Mr. $mithers January 21, 2011
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Dutchie, (duh-chee) verb.

The act of dropping a gas bomb beneath the covers and then yanking said covers over your partner's head.

Best done when exacting revenge on said partner after a brutal quarrel.

Synonym: dutch oven
Bob: Had a fight with the old lady last night. She thinks she won.

Jack: No joke? How'd you win?

Bob: I pulled a Dutchie on her when we hit the sack. I laughed my a** off!
by Mr. $mithers January 15, 2011
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