Malapropism of Valentine's Day: usually heard in the environments where strong cultural education is non-existent.
"So, what are you doin' this year for Valentime's Day?"
by Proxunum May 26, 2012
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A romantic holiday which coincides with the more popularized 'Valentine's Day'. The exact etymology is unknown but is often attributed to South Shore guidos and small children with equal intelligence. Now a colloquialism used by urbanites who use the term in jest to condescend those who aren't in on the joke.
Jersey: Are you doing anything for Valentime's Day?
Stephanie: Do you mean Valentine's Day?
Jersey: Yeah, Valentime's Day. Jesse and I are hittin' up the club, it's gonna be cray. I'm wearing the shortest skirt, I think I'll have to freshen up my spray tan first.
Stephanie: Sounds great, keep it classy, Jersey.
by Scuba383 November 3, 2012
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The same thing as Valentine's Day. It is pronounced Valentime's Day by idiots that don't know the difference and use and M instead of an N. The illeterate way of saying Valentine's Day.
What are you getting your girlfriend for Valentime's Day??
by annieoakley May 15, 2010
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The 14th of February. It falls on the same day as Valentine's Day except this one is only celebrated by 5 year olds.
My daughter rocks, she got Valentimes from all the boys at school on Valentime's Day.
by WhyCome? February 15, 2007
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The day either immediately before or after Valentines Day in which one lavishes a side boo with gifts and attention similar to what one would receive on Valentines Day if they were the main boo, wife or girlfriend.
I'm taking my girlfriend out on Valentines Day but for Valentimes Day, I'm taking Lisa to the movies.
by Old Flirty Bastard February 13, 2015
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the day of love feb. 14th a romantic festival of romantic movies preferably chick flix and going to dinner or making dinner for that special someone where cupid is the god and every man and woman is treated like a king and queen and where the men will be bearing gifts of chocolates and flowers and lots of presents and stuff
"my valentimes day was very romantic."
by nyehnyeh February 7, 2013
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