3 definitions by Mr small potato

Memes are jokes that need to:

1. Be a way of life for anyone who owns technology. It gives laughter and joy to the viewers.
2. Expire after 2 days
David Attenbruh: there are many memes, there are white text memes, videos, and others. Many popular ones include dat boi and Trump. They gave joy to the people. Unfortunately, they are dead.
by Mr small potato December 15, 2017
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An eccentric orange man who is obsessed with walls and travel bans. A proud republican and rich man. Behind his visage, he is a god of America and will make America great again.
For more info about trump, see carrot
by Mr small potato December 15, 2017
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Every man’s worst fear
My worst fear is waking up one day with a 2 inch micropenis
by Mr small potato December 18, 2017
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