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A Grungina is a vagina-like fold of skin that appears on Grun (or Grune), due to two meaty appendages coming into contact (ie the thighs) or due to one meaty appendage folding in on itself (ie the elbows).

Grungina is a well-documented medical condition, and is not to be sneered at. Please take it seriously, as one day, you could be a victim.
Shit Grune, you've got Grungina Elbow again!

Grune, your ass crack's making a right Grungina!

How the fuck have you managed to get grungina in the back of your neck?!
by Mr Curt March 09, 2009
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1. A vagina that may be grungy due to insertion of nitrous oxide, often video recorded and shared.

2. A proper noun, typically related to a woman but not limited to, of a person who has allowed by consent nitrous oxide to be inserted in an orifice in the lower portion of a human body.

3. A sexual power move involving release of nitrous oxide into the vaginal canal in order to receive pleasure and/or attention.
β€œThis whip cream canister smells like a grungina”
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by Fartyana October 12, 2018
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