4 definitions by Motorola_Queen

noun. Fear of fat people or fat people walking past them
by Motorola_Queen January 23, 2008
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noun. when someone weighs more than a cow and a pig combine. they eat more than a cow in a single sitting. Also, when they hide behind a newspaper eating 3 mixing bowls of apple cinnamon oatmeal in one sitting.
Mino : did you see that human cow over there?
Pinto: yeah! i saw it grazing over by the oatmeal aisle
Mino: Damn! and i need to buy me some before the human cow eats it all
by Motorola_Queen January 23, 2008
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noun. An uncureable disease that makes you have sever ticks when stepping into the workplace.
Rockie had workitis when she is walking into The Jiggly Room.
by Motorola_Queen January 23, 2008
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noun. plz see cow for more info. for a person to be over 500 lbs. or they think that they don't weigh over the ton limit. when the person walks you can feel the earth trembling under them. when you see the person that is walking (i.e. Eva) you have to hold onto the table, slide under a sturdy table, or get yourself under the door and Brace yourself. Then scream out EARTHQUAKE!
the wal-mart worker Eva cow is so fat that there's always a sizematic trembler.

Bubbles and Countess always grab the edges of the table when there's an human earthquake proaching the break room. the tables start shaking like there's no tomorrow
by Motorola_Queen December 16, 2007
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