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what stoner says when mad
stoner 1: rrrrrrrs, i need money to buy weed, but i smoke weed because i have money.
preppie boy 1: wait.....what?
by Monkey_FuKer_666 December 10, 2004

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retarded turtle/actor on sweetknuckle junction which appeared on Greg the Bunny
TaT: The red ones make me horny*eating red paintballs*
by Monkey_FuKer_666 January 05, 2005

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a lesbian porn star dressed up as a cowgirl. usually set in a barn
Man 1: damn, did you see that hot cowgirl lesbian porno on last night?
Man 2: Did i? Psh, i am the cowgirl lesbian.
by Monkey_FuKer_666 December 11, 2004

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have bootie sex and right before you cum, pull out and do it on the ass-crack. then she leans over and farts in your face, thus blowing jizz and a fart on you.
man 1: Man, i love getting snow blowers from hot chicks.
man 2: awwww thats disgusting, thou shalt burnith in hell for thine sins
by Monkey_FuKer_666 December 10, 2004

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