3 definitions by MonkeyJenn

To send an email off to a guy without first having a girlfriend check for spelling and grammatical errors, or more importantly, words of desperation.
He sent me this really great email. I'm going to reply, but I'll send it to you first. I don't want to pull an Alicia.
by MonkeyJenn February 2, 2009
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The stuff that your partner does that makes you all gooey inside. For some it can be flowers, candy, a kiss on the temple. For others it can take the form of a command or strategic binds that leave you completely at his mercy.
That sucks that your Valentine's Day didn't consist of all the gooey stuff you were hoping for. What a drag. My man took complete control of me last night, all that gooey stuff made me weepy after he left.
by MonkeyJenn February 25, 2009
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Much like the drafternoon, but for the more sophisticated drinker. The much needed martini that should be poured promptly when Friday noon rolls around, because you just can't make it till 5:00.
My morning was hellish and I simply must have an afternoontini.
by MonkeyJenn February 7, 2009
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