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v. having a bowel movement, the act of pinching off a turd
After chugging his cup of morning coffee, Teddy had to pinch one off.
by Money Mark August 22, 2006
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n. The pungent smelling urine expelled after eating asparagus.

Post asparagus piss syndrome
Moses forgot what he ate for Dinner till 2 hours later when he unloaded a pint of ripe aspara-piss.
by Money Mark May 03, 2008
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The unique pattern of fecal matter sticking to the bowl after a large bowel movement has been flushed.

(Often remaining after multiple flushes.)
Ronny was quite embarrassed when lepoard spotting his girlfriend's toilet after her Cinco de Mayo party.
by Money Mark May 24, 2009
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Taking a rather large bowel movement. Named after the manner in whick potters throw clay on their wheel.
After scarfing down a grande combination plate, Norman was really throwing clay in the restaurant bathroom.
by Money Mark April 27, 2007
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When a prostitute jacks a John (customer) for his money and valuables while the John is naked with a full erection (wood).
Those HOs were lumberjacking every drunk College student at Spring Break.
by Money Mark April 20, 2007
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