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A side story or a spinoff of of a published work. It is not considered as a prequel or a sequel. Some gaidens are just stories retold from another character's perspective, or a flashback.
In a gaiden of Dragon Knights, by Mineko Ohkami, Rune has a nightmare of everyone becoming crossdressers.
by Miyaviya July 29, 2008
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Backpacks that kids use in elementary schools in Japan. They are incredidly expensive because they are supposed to last throughout the entire 6 years of elementary schooling. They are made out of leather or synthetic leather-like materials. New leather randoseru can cost 30,000 yen or higher, but if they are made from the synthetic material clarino, the price is lowered.

The traditional colors are red for girls, and black for boys. Randoseru are in demand by anime and manga fans, but few manufacturers produce them outside of Japan.
Man, that randoseru is expensive.
by Miyaviya May 19, 2007
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Head of Team Ninja, a devoloping team of Tecmo. He is widely known for creating Dead Or Alive. He often makes controversial remarks about other developers and titles, mainly Tekken.

When Dead Or Alive first came out, it saved Tecmo from going out of business because of its "revolutionary" option of bouncing breasts.
Tomonobu Itagaki needs to stop hating on Tekken.
by Miyaviya May 19, 2007
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When one or both elbows starts to hurt because it has been on a hard surface for too long, usually from writing, drawing, or using the computer.
"This project is killing me, I already got a bad case of writer's elbow."
by Miyaviya August 14, 2009
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