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Words commonly(, or more accurately; constantly) used by youtube news reporter John Scarce e.g. 'Crazy', 'Dude', 'insane', 'Hey Whats Up Guys' etc.
"it was insane, dude" "-chill with the Scarce Words"
by MittensButItsNotTaken August 31, 2018
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Necromemipath describes someone who is unable or unwilling to stop reciting irrellivent and/or 'dead' memes.
BagelBoy is such a Necromemipath
by MittensButItsNotTaken October 05, 2018
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A hero, often compared to Christ and other beings of power and heroic action.
man Harambe was such a hero.
by MittensButItsNotTaken November 25, 2016
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Having regrets about putting too much ketchup on your burger
damn, getting Heinz sight. this is really good though
by MittensButItsNotTaken September 22, 2017
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A subgenre of House music in which songs start or end with an underlying beat that builds up to the start of the song itself.
I love that Underhouse beat
by MittensButItsNotTaken March 15, 2018
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