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Adjective/ Pronoun.
(Same Meaning For Both)
Explination of Lah-Wenn :
Playful and friendly (at extremes it can be considered puppy like) obviously these characteristics can make 'a Lah-Wenn'/ 'Lah-Wenn like object' lovable.
A compliment (:
Example 1 - Adjective
You know that girl.. yeah well shes a right Lah-Wenn!

Example 2 - Pronoun
Oi! You...Lah-Wenn.
by MissExcitableSugarPuff (: February 12, 2010
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Noun: When the inners of a daffodil is replaced by an egg a daffodil becomes a hybrid otherwise known as "daffod-eggs". The egg is often decorated for cosmetic purposes; glitter, paint or sequens may be used.
For the 'Easter Egg Decorating Competition' my mother and I made a Daffod-Egg and came 2nd.
by MissExcitableSugarPuff (: March 27, 2010
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Cool or smooth.
Also like lamf (meaning lame ass muthaa fuckaa. which to be used in a good context, maybe followed by 'xD')
Splicky is one of the highest form of compliments one can receive. ;D
Feel my hair, I straightened it properly this morning. Its well splicky ;D
by MissExcitableSugarPuff (: February 12, 2010
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