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101.3 fm. a radio station in minnesota that broadcasts in minneapolis and cities around it. the play mostly new pop, hip hop, rock, and some other types of music. sometimes they play a song so many times you start to hate it.

on the other hand their morning show "the dave ryan in the morning show" is probably the best most entertaining thing to listen to while driving. people on the show have a good sense of humor and are often making jokes of anything they hear about. sometimes listeners call in and complain about things that are a bunch of bull s****.
one of the people on KDWB's morning show said "im starving"

a listener calls in and says "you shouldnt say that, there are people in the world who are actually starving"
by mishae October 19, 2010

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A community college located in Bloomington Minnesota.
person 1"what community college is located in Bloomington Minnesota?"

person 2 "Normandale"

person 1 "thank you for telling me, here are some headphones as a reward"

person 2 "no problem, i will cherish these headphones for the rest of my life
by mishae October 19, 2010

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Our culture's following of celebrities and caring about the stuff that they do. This is the reason that things such as the divorce of Kim Kardashian, and the the things that celebrities wear day to day, are featured as top articles on many websites.
Here is an example of celebrityism:

"I just read an article about how Justin Bieber got a new haircut."

"Send me the link"

"No need, just go to Yahoo, and it'll be the top article."
by Mishae October 31, 2011

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What you get when you super glue a snake and a lizard together. Most likely resulting in the death of the lizard, unless the lizard is glued near the head of the snake. Don't try this at home (its better to do outside).
I duct taped a snake and a lizard together to make a slizzard.

To make a slizzard you have to superglue them, what you made is a sducklizzard.

Wait, isnt that when you glue a snake, duck, and lizard together?"

No that's a snuckizzard. You retard
by mishae October 22, 2010

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A mixture of being surprised and impressed
I was very surpressed with how Fight Club ended
by mishae July 30, 2011

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