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n. (pro-gare-uh-tee) - Professionally extreme use of vulgar words/gestures, and vulgar behavior. Often displayed in two ways:

1.) Chain swearing
2.) Multiple vulgar gestures
1.) *iPod freezes* Fuck this faggot ass shit, I hate Apple

2.) Father: Why don't you do your homework?

Daughter: ......*gives him dual middle fingers"

Father: I don't allow progarity in my house, watch that fucking shit goddamn it
by Misc-E July 09, 2011
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A figurative beverage representing the manifestation of a hater's negativity and drive. Not to be confused with Hater Aid (the subordinate of a hater) or Hater Raid (the act of numerous haters intruding upon one's business).
Person: I made the Varsity Basketball team!

Hater: You suck at all sports, you were just a last resort.

Person: Okay, you need to lay off the Haterade...
by Misc-E July 12, 2011
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