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1. Verb: Past tense

Origin from 'hijacked': as the past-progressive meaning stolen in a violent fashion.
Commonly refers to robbery, theft, misuse, seizure, possesion.

2. Adjective

Well muscled, iron-bound, pumped.
1. "Yo, I got up to go to the bathroom and some jerk jacked my seat"
"Yesterday I jacked a pack of gum from the mall."

2. "That weightlifter sure is jacked. Too bad he's on steroids."
by Miranda November 21, 2003

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Very pretty and the nicest, smartest girl in the whole school.
Person: Waah...I need help
Sania: I'll help you.
by Miranda February 21, 2005

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If you like the ocean, Maine is the place to be. For all you morons who consider incest to be a popular thing in Maine, grow the hell up, you find that stuff everywhere. Just like you find "white trash" everywhere. And who are you to consider who is white trash anyways?
I don't have an example.
by Miranda June 19, 2004

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baby boo means like he's mine ladys keep your hands off
anthony is my baby boo so get it straight
by miranda December 25, 2004

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Southern slang for grandmother. In Harlan county Kentucky grandmothers are referred to as mammaw.
Mother"These cookies are delicious mom"
Grandmother"why thank you.How do you like them Miranda?"
Grandaughter"These are the best cookies in the world mammaw"
by miranda March 21, 2005

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its when a guy throws some astroglide on a bitches tits and glides his dick back n forth making friction to bust a fuckin nutt
yes mark placed his dong inbetween jills tits and slobed on her face
by miranda April 21, 2004

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Having a rough and hairy butt.
"She has dasypygal features"
by Miranda June 14, 2004

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