4 definitions by MinisterEvil

Engrish (Japanese English) pronunciation of the color black.
Buh-lack Obama became the first barack plesident of the US.
by MinisterEvil May 16, 2015
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The worst possible manifestation of extroverted human beings.

A euphemism for someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder.
Someone who is tormented by the idea that they may not be the center of attention.
name is such an attention whore.
by MinisterEvil May 16, 2015
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I just realized that republicans are known to be crazy and, while I still believe everything they preach, I don't like the crazy label, so I'll just call myself a libertarian and no one will know the difference.
by MinisterEvil December 26, 2015
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From Latin "lingua" (tongue) and "Cunni" (cunts cunnus being the singular version), a cunnilingual is someone who is proficient at attaching his tongue to a pussy.
"... he is cunnilingual. How many languages does he speak?"
by MinisterEvil September 10, 2014
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