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129 definitions by MineOwedWu's

Aliester Crowley.

A beast is best when he hardly exists, when his magic is cast, his mark is dead, marks will say War did it yourself.
The Beast 666 rings hells bells from the grave, from the hand of Iron Man.
by MineOwedWu's July 9, 2021
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A black Alchemist involved in anything evil. From stiring the scales, to whatever.

A vampire that lives of the exliar of life(red philospher stone fluid)
Have u seen The Devil
by MineOwedWu's June 29, 2021
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Li seal with the white seal
Li stay with the red seal
Li scale with the black seal
Li slay with the pale seal

uniliminal message
by MineOwedWu's May 27, 2021
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The mind that is god amongst minds.

Like a gut, instinct, or right from other thaughts.
The Frazzy Brain is like a song, the goes one your mind.
by MineOwedWu's May 10, 2021
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