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If you stare at the sun you'll go blind 👌
I u say b?
You'll shoot you eye out kid.
by MineOwedWu's June 29, 2021
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whats considered painted or worked but missing a layer
what holiday was it
by MineOwedWu's June 22, 2021
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The act of getting a swat team to assemble, and taking there, arms, armor, and vehicles.
Best way to get arms is to deswat.
by MineOwedWu's July 15, 2021
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Diabooyas are a 1920's slang term for mordern money.

"Scan the beer, Good Good, thats more diabooya's. Yeah Adrian you can play another, and I'll shame with this."

"Just Like the gleam of the man called Sun Wu" Too Much Monkey Business by Chuck Berry, Subliminal Message.
Life isn't all about sex and diabooya's, but if listen closely you can hear Rick Flare... Wuuuu
by MineOwedWu's January 13, 2021
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Has to be a subliminal somg somg in form of a human body, experiencing whatever conected to surprised umcontrolled bowel movements, and something like funny sounds of farts.
The Brown Knote is myth g
by MineOwedWu's July 20, 2021
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Just 30 layers of bondo and Weilding blankets
Bullet Proof before the coup
by MineOwedWu's July 15, 2021
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