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The female equivalent of "son of a bitch".
I can't stand him or that cunt of a bitch he calls a wife.
by mimmiemimmie July 03, 2009

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A very adult- sick and twisted board game for ADULTS ONLY.
People who are perverted and twisted may still not be able to stomach Hentacle, but will appreciate it for its fuckeduppedness.
by MimmieMimmie June 17, 2009

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When a black person doesn't wash their hair, their scalp dries up and they lose patches of hair. This is called Tetta. It's kinda like the black equivalent to lice.
When I was growing up, there was a whole family we used to call the Tetta Kids.
by mimmiemimmie July 09, 2009

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To stab moving armed hand straight forward, as with a stab in the gut. (As opposed to raising the knife and stabbing.)
I'm gonna to joog you with this knife!
by MimmieMimmie June 08, 2009

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