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a phrase used to describe the cunt or douche that you used to officially have a relationship with that is still part of your life for whatever stupid reason that you're coming up with.
I took my (in)significant other to lunch yesterday. Not five minutes had passed before she was correcting my grammar and telling me that I was eating with the wrong fork. I LIKE THE LITTLE FORK.
by Milowe October 21, 2010
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The act of lying by omitting the truth, to have knowledge of something that someone else wants, needs, or should know. Typically omitted for selfish reasons.
She knew I wouldn't approve of her actions so she's been cheating tomatoes to keep me from being pissed at her.
by milowe October 26, 2010
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A woman or man that you would only sleep with after consuming a fifth of your favorite liquor.
Damn dude, I'm pretty hard up. I'd even settle for a fifther about now.
by Milowe October 25, 2010
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