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A phrase used prior to uttering a comment that can only be regarded as racist, usually by someone who is but doesn't know it.
Not to sound racist or anything but I'm tired of seeing Mexicans all over my town.

Not to sound racist or anything but if my daughter ever dated a black guy...
by Milf86 January 23, 2011
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a person you would have absolutely no contact with if it wasn't for facebook.
Facebook friend

Person 1: I saw your friends with Mary Jane on Facebook, how do you know her?

Person 2: Oh, She's just my friends' brothers' friends' cousins' old class mate.
by milf86 June 04, 2010
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1) A person who often forgets how old they are, literally

2)Someone who acts or dresses much younger or older than they are

A.I.C. for short. Developed by a girl/woman who married a man 30 years older than her and often found herself not knowing if she should act 20 or 50. She happened to suffer from both forms of A.I.C and consistently forgot her actual age, even when asked by the nurse at Red Cross.
Person 1 "How old are you?"
Person with Age Identity Crisis. "uuuuhhh....????"

Did you see that 50 year old guy with an Ed Hardy T-shirt? He must suffer form A.I.C.
by milf86 April 19, 2010
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light shade, as through thin umbrella fabric, where the sun isn't blinding and too hot, but still feels sunny.
that is my 98 year old grandma basking in the shadelight.
by milf86 July 17, 2011
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