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To fail to understand.
"I don't get it."
by Mikey Matts April 18, 2004
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A phrase made popular by one Jared Hopkins. After a person tells a long story that can be easily understood by anyone he adds in his trademark phrase, "I don't get." Some laugh, while others don't get his not getting. They often try to simplify their already understood story which only serves to increase laughter.
Cara: "...and that's what happened."
Jared: "I don't get it"
Sam: ::Laughing::
Erin: "What didn't you get about it?"
by Mikey Matts June 16, 2004
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The act of making something of, or belonging, to Alex.
Josh: Yo, Alex just took my baseball glove.
Alex: It has been alexizized.
Kelly: Is that even a word?
Alex: Yup. Its the past tense of alexizize which is the verb form of the noun alexization.
Kelly: Oh, well is that a word?
Mike: It is now ::Turning from computer with urbandictionary.com open::
Alex: Oh snap! He just added it to urban dictionary.
Josh: What's a noun?
Alex/Kelly/Mike/random kid in hallway: Oh Joshie!!!
Josh: That's me!
Opening credits/song begin
by Mikey Matts May 14, 2004
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A hand in poker in which one of the participants has pocket queens. The flop then yields two queens and a card that is of lower value than the aforementioned queen (not an ace or king). The player with the queens then places the lowest bet allowed at that time in the game followed by folds all around. This causes the player with four queens to collect only the blinds.
::Dealer turns over flop::
Player 1: I'll bet 40.
Player 2: Fold.
Player 3: Fold.
:: Player 1 flips over pocket queens::
Player 1: No, I had queens call that.
Dealer: Oh snap, I just saw my first Ry.
by Mikey Matts April 18, 2004
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The process of being screwed, usually in an unexpected fashion.
Oh snap! Eddie got gintered out of winning the fantasy baseball league.
by Mikey Matts June 08, 2005
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