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Mr. Brickles is the nickname given to fanboys who are overly obsessed with Ryan Reynolds.

They are stereotypically straight boys who appear to have an embarrassing crush on Ryan.
Oh, no. I finally invited Clive home to meet my parents and he's gone all Mr. Brickles on them by forcing them to watch Green Lantern and Just Friends.
by MikeTheIncel October 20, 2021
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This diet involves eating primal raw meat just like a lion. Mostly from ruminant animals. It was invented by public figure Sv3rige. Sv3rige is very smart.
I eat carnivore diet because of Sv3rige who is very smart.
by MikeTheIncel June 01, 2021
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Dr. Avi is a youtube public figure.

He is a dermatologist who calls himself a doctor and claims being a dermatologist makes him an expert on heart disease and the vegan diet.

Dr. Avi thinks everyone should go vegan, and public figures like That Vegan Teacher and Vegan Gains agree with him because they are also not smart.
You are a garbage collector that gives advice on complex surgeries? This is Dr. Avi level of expertise.
by MikeTheIncel June 07, 2021
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Fluff and Puff is a phrase invented by YouTube personality Master T and taught by YouTuber Master Simon.

Fluff and Puff represents toxic processed foods and immoral lifestyles practiced by people. This includes oreo cookies and s&m clubs.
I do not want to eat Hershey's chocolate. Is Fluff and Puff. If I eat too much fluffy is mental illness.
by MikeTheIncel July 25, 2021
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Trans Mackey is big beautiful trans woman. She is a public figure that speaks up against veganphobia, fatphobia, transphobia and oppressive cis straight white men. She has a wonderful soothing voice and has developed Mr. Mackey's "mmmkay" catchphrase.
Did you hear Trans Mackey give a talk on veganphobia last night? She is stunning and brave woman.
by MikeTheIncel July 04, 2021
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The triggered episode that occurs before someone pulls a massive hissy fit and flees public places like a venue or even discord server.

Like Mr. Brickles type Ryan Reynolds fanboys when you tell them Just Friends was a shitty movie.
Mr. Brickles flipped everyone off and pulled a triggisode just because Chad told him Green Lantern wasn't as good as Fight Club.
by MikeTheIncel November 02, 2021
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U Diddit Rong is a satire YouTube channel ran by Skye. Her name U Diddit Rong comes from when ex vegans quit veganism because they got sick and were told "you did it wrong" because veganism is a cult not a lifestyle.

Skye is very smart. Skye makes fun of stupid people like SJWs and makes funny memes about them. Her memes are smart.

U Diddit Rong fanbase is called Team Rong.
I am a member of Team Rong because I watch U Diddit Rong and Skye is very smart.
by MikeTheIncel July 07, 2021
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