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A section of Boston that is ghetto
Roxbury is a place where u don't wanna be
by Mike H July 08, 2004
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A square with rounded corners.
This credit card is a bubtangle.
by Mike H July 16, 2004
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a word only the most nagerest of the nager use
little negleto betta sit ya ass in da chair befo ya get ya face doned.
by Mike H March 17, 2005
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A total moron who insists on camping his or her spawn or some other place when the rest of his/her team is dead, thereby forcing everyone to wait for friggin' EVER to get on to the next round in counter-Strike.
I can't believe that frickin' 'tard is camping his spawn instead of planting the bomb!
by Mike H June 30, 2003
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Nog = noggin(head)your head contains your brain

er = end of the word neger

Nog + er = Noger

Noger - a smart niger.
Dammmmn noger how you get a 65% on yo test?...yo mom must be proud as shit....DAMMMN.
by Mike H March 17, 2005
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They make browsers and email clients. That were made by laided off AOL workers
Yes you are using something made by ex aol employess
by Mike H January 08, 2005
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