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Bleeding from the rear. Usually caused by an unfortunate cycling accident or fall. Usually associated with "umunaco" riding.
Guy 1: Ahh!!! my arse is bleeding
Guy 2: Thats called Haemocolon
by Migaloo May 26, 2010

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Someone that breaks into your house to do a poo.

Usually performed by a desperate friend, or someone lacking the common sense and social etiquette to find a public restroom.
Man, I came home and my front door wasn't locked like I left it. Nothing was stolen but there was this big shite floating in my toilet. I hate it when inturders don't flush. I don't think they wiped either. Dirty, dirty inturder!
by Migaloo September 15, 2010

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Similar to the guest list at a club, 'The List' is a collection of names deemed worthy of one's social attention and time.

'The List' usually consists of people that are exactly the same as the list maker except for the skin they are wrapped in. Some lists are open to others provided they are willing to become a convert.
Mike: Chris is going to be cut from 'The List' if he doesn't step up and start worshipping me as much as I worship me.

Junior: Oh Man ! ! ! He just won't get with the program. I love me when I'm you, Mike!
by Migaloo September 04, 2010

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