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To be wildly inappropriate or rude
He was totally brianing when he broke up with her over text.
by miffy July 23, 2015

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when a girl or a guy is turned on by another person and tingles
Rose got a miff when James accidentally touched her hand.
by miffy May 01, 2014

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SEE TIFFY'S EXCELLENT DEFINITION OF A TRUE PREP. PLEASE NOTE THAT A TRUE PREP WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN ANY THING FROM ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH OR AMERICAN EAGLE. A prep doesn't not attend a public school, they go to well reputed institutions at least 100 years old. A prep usually can be found wearing Polo, Lacoste, or Lily Pulitzer. Preppy's usually get a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or Land Rover for their 16th birthday or a few months before. Preppy's listen to Dave Matthews and OAR. Most preppy's play field hockey and Lacrosse. Preppy's belong to country clubs where boys are given private golf lessons from age 5. Grow up to be doctors and lawyers. A true preppy respects other groups in high school (ie punks and goths) for their indivduality but hate the abercrombie wannabes.
Nantucket preppys are the originaly preps.
by Miffy February 03, 2004

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To hold up one's middle finger in an offensive manner at someone else.
I flicked off Dangy today.
by Miffy January 30, 2004

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N. When someone is so emotionally affected (happy or sad) that they act like they’re on crack; an episode where one’s mind makes them act like they’re under the influence of something
Rick: Dude, that ochem test totally fucked me up the butt. *incoherent nonsense*

Cal: Bruh are you in a crack battle rn? You make no sense 😂

Rick: *laughs while crying*

Cal: Absolute crack battle. You need rehab!!
by miffy October 17, 2019

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(v.) to act or perform in a way that is superior to all others; to be a winner, champion, legend
“Hot damn you girls are good! What’s your secret?”

“Oh, you know, we’re just shake and bakin.”
by miffy June 13, 2018

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