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a cross between a "QUIZ" and a "TEST", unique to Mr. Thornton's Law 12 class
by Midknight April 4, 2003
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Madeen,Midian, Madyan is a geographical place and the Midianites a people mentioned in the Torah and Qur’an, also it means the devils kin or the one who punches those who are in debt.
(Madeen is coming for you if you don't pay your debt). Or (those people are from madeen).
by Midknight March 13, 2017
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see Fuckin' Goth Cunt

its a noun dammit not a verb
synonym for "Dethlord" or Pil....
by Midknight April 4, 2003
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DJ Midknight was the DJ name of Greg Gallant who premiered one of the first hip-hop, DJ orientated websites in 1995. The name Midknight came from a thousand year old piece of literature about a vampiric solider who took the lives of his wounded comrades and slept with their wives in return. That piece of literature was said to be cursed to begin with because the one called Midknight walked the grey line between good and evil. Many who knew Greg Gallant would say that he changed ever since he changed his name from DJ Courage to DJ Midknight in 1994, but it was that name that many knew him as when he found great success in 1997 in New York working as a Club Promoter for his website Skratchpad.com. DJ Midknight rebuked the name in the year 2000 when he realized the type of person he had become since taking up the mantle of Midknight.
Yo don't mess with that cat Midknight, he's smart as hell and is known to kill at will. Just stay away from him, seriously.
by Midknight October 7, 2005
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