Person 1: Dude I just bought Midian!

Me: *Steals Midian from the poor sap* Mine now bitch!
by The AntiChrist December 23, 2003
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Midian is Chapter 5 in Cradle of Filths Legacy. Their best album besides Nymphetamine. Buy them both. This definition will lead you to the path of grace ;-) Cradle Of Filth

Go to this link ^
Cof fan: Cof is the shit man!
Cof Hater: No fucking way, they suck ass!
Cof fan: WHAT?!? Come here bitch, im ganna stretch your face off your fucking skull!
by Randy Newcomb February 17, 2005
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A wierd bird that didn’t learn to fly but nothing Bugs him and he will get where he wants to go!

You will find him next to, in or under a Volkswagen! Thats his natural habitat!
Its a bird, its an airplane, ITS MIDIAN!
by Catunambu November 22, 2021
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