3 definitions by MichaelO

The act of couples(swingers) particpating in sexual acts in the same room but not swapping or sharing their sexual partners.
I need a girlfriend so I can do some soft swinging with you two tonight.
by MichaelO June 19, 2005
An alternate spelling of the official measurement scale used by European Union bureaucrats to gauge the size of their expense accounts. Original spelling: metric shitteload (as in metric tonne).
"I'll need the cheque for these first thing Monday," said Jurgen, dropping a metric shitteload of crumpled receipts on his secretary's desk at 5:17 Friday afternoon.
by MichaelO August 13, 2003
A way in which icecream can be served.
I went to McDonalds and bought a soft serve icecream.
by MichaelO June 22, 2005