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An alternate definition for 'over weight' or 'a large accomplishment'. The phrase has recently entered society in the context of appearing as 'goofy' or 'new slang'. (for example: 'is you okay?')

'Over Big' can refer to anything with a larger mass, physically or psychologically.
Example 1:
Person 1: I'm so fat :(
Person 2: Don't say that! You're just over big!!
Person 3: That's literally the same thing :((
Example 2:
Person 1: I'm so excited about Ariana Grande 's concert tonight!
Person 2: Yeah! It's gonna be over big
Example 3:
Person 1: I did so bad on my test today, what about you?
Person 2: I think I did pretty over big.
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by Hayzies September 12, 2019
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