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Masturblazing the is act of masturbating whilst high, the purpose? Well why not.
Adam: Damn last night I passed around 8pm!
Cody: Why so early, loser
Adam: I was Masturblazing in my room ha
by MessyBRider May 28, 2013
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Something that is sad but funny at the same time, like someone finding their mom on a porn site.
Hey braden, did you hear Simon Cowell died of aids? How Sadilarious
by MessyBRider February 18, 2013
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A Messy B Rider is someone who is fuckin' shit up (in an extremely positive way)
This could be on a game, in an argument, even in real life.
Hey Scott did you see my k/d on cod? I am such a messy b rider
by MessyBRider February 19, 2013
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