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Someone who has no social standing, has no ambition, no job and doesn't have any desire to better his situation.
Maria: Hey look who came to the church social?
Mom: Him! That puddle of puke!
by Mercana November 21, 2013
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What you feel like after you've been greatly disappointed.
So we went to the restaurant after the glowing review in the newspaper and found the beef stringy, the corn soggy, there was a piece of pumpkin pie on the floor under the table, there was a crying baby across the way, somebody was smoking a cigarette in the corner, the waitress dumped a plate of chocolate pie of my head. On the way home, Dad commented, "Well that was a hell of a heck."
by Mercana December 1, 2013
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In a presidential election, since there are two candidates, (Republican and Democrat) there is often a "third" delegate; someone else running as an "Independent" whom nobody has ever heard of.
I didn't like either of the candidates, so I voted for the third guy.
by Mercana March 21, 2020
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