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A funny black person. Also known as a nigggggé.
Meng Huo: Look, its a kneejay! lolz!!1
Turd Fergeson: Esti meng, c'est quoi l'affaire?
Meng Huo: Aww tabarnak calisse
by Meng September 01, 2004

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Someone that temps guys into humping, shafting, penetrating, and/or screwing them into the anal orifice.
Jonah anal fly trapped JP when he wore tight shorts and "picked up the soap" the other day.
by Meng September 02, 2004

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A small non-performant car. Usually known as Toyota Tercels.
Tino: To the pos mobile!
Meng Huo: Indeed! Huzzah!!
by Meng October 07, 2004

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1. An eater of shyst
2. Also known as the asshole in a card game.
1. That guy is meng, he's a turd monger
2. Meng Huo: JP, why are you always the turd monger? You suck!
JP: You sunk my battleship.
by Meng September 01, 2004

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Negrizzle- N, a term used to consider someone your freind
Wussup my negrizzle??
by meng March 25, 2004

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The act of talking a dump while performing sodomy
JP: "I am a master of the TURD FURGESON! YAY"
Meng Huo:"estie man that TURD FURGESON you gave me last night was awesome Tabanak!"
by Meng September 04, 2004

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