4 definitions by Melvinfused

A newbie to music production finding it hard to "infuse" his great ideas to the DAWs, Mostly having low-0 audience.
There're a lot of Infution in the music industry.
by Melvinfused November 28, 2021
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Asians with dark complexion (brown - black). Typically from south-east Asian countries like India, Pakistan, et cetera
Asian-Niggas are a thing too.
by Melvinfused December 31, 2022
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Cars that came with bench seats (romantic), non-power steering (sweaty), Overpowered V8s or I6s, Beautiful designs, airbags(maybe) & Air-Con (maybe).
Death is everywhere & those old airbags(if any) can injure.
My friend's got a few 60's Muscle Cars in his garage.
by Melvinfused December 5, 2021
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Brightest Blue, brightest green or maybe brightest color after white.
by Melvinfused December 5, 2021
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