6 definitions by Mellie

A girl with an online journal and website, (usually badly designed) who broadcasts her image over the internet in exchanges for wishlist items from strange anon. men. Usually shows less skin than a wordcamwhore/word, and most always underaged. Good examples are : 5ilver.net, Agali.net and Lush.nu
by Mellie May 9, 2003
Short for "I'd do it". Meaning, you would have sex with person in question.
Guy 1: "Look at that fine chick!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, audit"
by Mellie May 17, 2003
adj; a word of, interestingly, english background;
- as in male: smart, intelligent; the one that never attended any of the lectures in college but still has gotten a nice solid B; person that can tell you wtf War and Peace is all about and wtf are the antibodies;
- as in female: strikingly beautiful, intelligent, but with an awful attitude, the one that can play Diablo and drink vodka better than her twin brother.
-Hey have you seen that russian that has never attended a lecture?

-Yeah hes pretty drunk and just solved the Bermud triangle.
by Mellie April 26, 2004
A monucca is a slang term for a person. It doesn't matter if they are a friend or foe.
Those are some crazy monuccas!
by Mellie January 29, 2005
variation wordwankster/word slang for bitch.
that biznotch's titties are the shizznet yo!
by Mellie May 2, 2003