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One who plays the Protoss Race in Starcraft.
Protoss players usually have any of the following qualities:

1) Balding or having a very short hairstyle.

2) May have a tattoo to show others he is a Protoss Player

3) Limits his playing style to Cannon Cheese or massed Void Rays

4) A n00b

5) Shirt is usually sleeveless

6) A dork

7) Breathes through the mouth exclusively

8) When he inevitably quits out will have thousands of unspent minerals and gas

If you spot a Protoss player in the wild call the nearest Terran player to beat him with massed marines.
Dan decided to become a Protoss Player and he has not been the same since. His hair fell out and he has this weird tattoo of a High Templar on his back.
by Terran4Ever February 01, 2011
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