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Triple B detox.No booze No bitches No blow aka taking a break from hard partying. No alcohol, no sex and no cocaine.
What happened to meesofat?

He's on a triple B detox after being on the bender for a month.
by Meesofat March 8, 2019
A person who takes screenshots of your messages (on WhatsApp , messenger etc) and uses it against you later.

No messages are safe when you are talking to a screenshot snitch. He/she is analogous to a person wearing a “wire”.
That’ screenshot snitch , Adam just blew my chances with Amanda when he sent her screenshots of our WhatsApp messages when I called her a horny slut.
by Meesofat March 31, 2019
Another word for asshole , jerk, dick , cocksucker.
John :I got us floor seats to the Lakers tonight .
Jack: Great thanks dude . Btw Penfold isn’t coming.
John: WTF , I had to beg for those tickets ! Dat muthafucker!!!!!!
by Meesofat March 9, 2019
A chick with a lisp who’s the town bike. Mike being a reference to “Mike Tyson” who has a lisp.
Franklin :My foreskin hurts

Ahmed: What happened bro?
Franklin: Mike the Bike gave me a blow job
Ahmed : Damn . Never get a BJ from a chick with a lisp.
by Meesofat June 2, 2020
A word describing a lot of cocaine use, usually at least 12 lines in row. Comes from the length of railway ie “railsthe Orient Express traverses.
Jack : Man I was so fucked up last night.
Jill: why?
Jack. I was railing it like the Orient Express
by Meesofat June 9, 2019
Used to describe a moron, fuckwit, someone with limited intelligence.
John: Man I can’t figure how to solve this chess puzzle
Jack: Ask Adam
John: Nah he’s as sharp as a beachball
by Meesofat March 10, 2019