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Professional porn star move where the man is behind the woman with hands on hips thrusting. Usually look at the camera.
This dude is totally doing hands on hips to that chick.
by Meatstick1 August 14, 2007
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West East Roadracing Association.
Organized Motorcycle racing club in the United States centered around Expert races to Novices just starting in racing.
Events start on a Regional level to National level. Including National endurance races.
I laid the smack down in the W.E.R.A races this weekend.
by Meatstick1 August 14, 2007
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A person who destroys anything they touch.
Usually will urinate on furniture after passing out drunk.
Always eats others food and or leaves it out.
Blocks any opportunity for a person to meet or hook up with the opposite sex.
Known also as loud yelling in a small space.
Guy 1: What happened? You had that chick till that guy came over.
Guy 2: He pulled the biggest Haggerty, I had nothing left.

Scenero 2
Guy 1: OMG is that piss on the couch?
Guy 2: Total Haggerty move. And is that your leftovers on the floor.
by Meatstick1 August 27, 2007
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Something you have only for the 1st week of a relationship.
We once had incredible sex, but now its just starfish sex.
by Meatstick1 August 16, 2007
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