3 definitions by McG

Funny, brown eyes, brown hair, different personality, enjoys being out and about, plays sport, tall, strong build, great singer, dancer. Is always there for her friends, but will take a chance with a boy.
by McG May 13, 2013
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A type of beard, similar to the chinstrap, except with the addition of an attaching moustache.
If Abe Lincoln added a moustache, he'd have a harness.
by McG August 31, 2005
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The girl that the wingman takes on to hook his buddy up with the hot one. Derives from "Junior Investment Banker" in the Coors Light commercial. "She's towing an anchor, a Junior Investment Banker..."
"My turn for the hot one, you take the jib."

"Man, that girl's definitely the jib."
by McG March 11, 2004
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