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Not knowing which way to put on your pants. Having your pants on wrong.
That guy over there has his pants on backwards, he must be disslacksic.
by MaxxLarge December 13, 2010

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Too High To Qualify.
When you are so high you don't even know your own name.
He's 2H2Q. He can't even say his name.
by MaxxLarge April 07, 2016

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Adjitive; One who is compulsive over anything Ford, ie, Ford Racing, Ford cars, Ford trucks, Ford this and that.
That guy over there owns 27 Ford vehicles,I think he is a FordNadict.
by MaxxLarge October 13, 2010

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Pronounced. Fuk n awesome.

When something is just straight up FUCKING AWESOME! Then it is Fuqnawesome.
Primarily used in print.
Although it has been used for some time in the verbal form..Fuck-N-Awesome
The car on the corner is fuqnawesome!
by MaxxLarge February 01, 2013

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Someone who veils their racism in sarcasm.
That newscasters' is hiding his blatant racism in jokes, he's such a sarcracist.
by MaxxLarge August 26, 2016

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