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It’s welsh for star, and a badass name
Seren is dude with no limits, and if you call his name girly you better be able to run a marathon, and with all the stupid and crazy shit Seren does he’s still the best friend you’ll ever meet he will do anything for his friends.
Seren saved my ass today, I can’t believe he did most my homework really fast in math before the teacher collected it!
by Maxiiboi September 13, 2019

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Kinda weird and creepy dude, no one knows his real name, but once you get talking to him he can be quite enjoyable to be around. And he’s obsessed with skittles, you never see him without any.
There’s RC with another pack of skittles, we need to start calling him skittles.
by Maxiiboi September 27, 2019

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An English word meaning the formal way to say fart, also the worst U.S. president, and a tall umpaloompa
Our president trump is a real trump
by Maxiiboi March 19, 2019

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Tall, asshole, violent, and a bully
Victor hit a girl today
by Maxiiboi March 19, 2019

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The two reasons to cook are 1) so you can eat meals besides berries, veggies, and beans. 2) And to lick the bowl
There’s the two reasons to cook but I only cook for 1 reason, to lick the bowl.
by Maxiiboi November 23, 2019

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