14 definition by Maverick Corleone

Of Arab origin, a Bum Monkey is a small, Anal-dwelling monkey that makes a habitat out of the rectal passage. It feeds off lumpy faeces and looks like a rodent.
Karim is a Bum Monkey in Fahd's ass!
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006

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Very hairy Balls that have never seen the light of day, due to no ladies wanting to tongue them, as the owner has a big nose and one pair of (green) pants
Wayne you are ugly and nobody likes you or your wolf balls.
by Maverick Corleone April 19, 2006

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A person who felches for a living enjoys felching and continously felches with a straw
Hey Pet, wanna felch my ass tomorrow you Felchmerchant
by Maverick Corleone April 05, 2006

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The Vagina of a woman over the age of 45 years is known as Vintage Vag. Some Vintage Vag is in good condition, but most Vintage Vags feature crust, and fanny flaps of a wide diameter.
Do you Fancy her?
No I like her mum better, I fancy some Vintage Vag Mate!
by Maverick Corleone May 01, 2006

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A master of felching, a top felchmerchant, who has mastered the art of felching to a high level and can now pass on the trade of felcgin to others.
'Wayne Im giving you a promotion, you are now a felchmaster u wolf balls'
by Maverick Corleone April 12, 2006

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Cyprus is a beautiful Greek Island, South East of the Greek mainland. It is situated in the mediteranean sea and is a member state of the European Union. It's religion is Christianity (Greek Orthodox Church) and the Currency in use is the Cyprus Pound (Will be the Euro soon). Cyprus gained independance from the UK in 1960. The Greek spoken in Cyprus is similar to that of mainland Greece, but with a few differences. Cyprus is to Greece what Sicily is to the Italian Mainland.
Cyprus is a Greek Island
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006

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A great film about Naval Aviators made in 1985 and released in the early summer of 1986. Starring Tom Cruise as Maverick. Some (easily-led) people, support the Tarantino-fuelled idea that this film has a gay subplot, but this is total shit.Just watch it and enjoy it, its no masterpiece in terms of screen-writing but it embodies what made the 1980's a great decade.
Top Gun is a great film from 1986
by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006

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