Iceman is the best mob name anyone could have. He's a cold killer that stops at nothing. He has a high kill count and his enemies will avoid him at all cost.
Beware of the Iceman. If you're on a hitlist, you will probably be killed by him
by The iceman TR October 23, 2013
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A wingman that laughs at all of his own jokes even if they aren't funny.
If it weren't for Iceman's laughing, I wouldn't know he was joking.
by Caexar January 7, 2007
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An electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez.
The Iceman has a very high-pitched noise.
by eSouth April 3, 2005
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Someone who views women as possessions, who uses them in one night stands and then moves onto his next unsuspecting victim with an alarming rate of success.
by Browno August 26, 2006
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a person who runs around NAKED in the SNOW for hours at a time without being phased by it. he also has an enormous penis which is not shrunk AT ALL by the ice cold snow. an iceman is very brave and will do almost anything. an iceman is rarely seen with clothes on. he is great with the ladies.
the iceman slid into home plate naked in the snow at 2 in the morning.
by iceman49 October 7, 2008
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An Iceman: The act of putting your hands in ice before fingering a girl, then as you enter her yell "ICE MAN!!!!"
dude last night, emma totally got icemanned.
by xXS1L3N7FF0Xx February 17, 2011
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I man that's kool, that love to
: dance
and belives in God....
by Jesusfreak1222 May 3, 2010
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