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Stories written by fans of a certain TV show, cartoon, anime, book, or movie using existing plots, characters, or ideas from the series but then continuing the story, adding new characters, changing the ending, or changing the plot.
Most are written by an obsessed fan who invents a character that's supposed to be like him/her, only 10 times prettier, smarter, and stronger who falls in love with whoever the fan has a crush on. Many of them have poor grammar, thin plots, and bad spelling. But there are a few with original ideas, great storylines, and interesting fancharacters writeen by creative writters. These ones are worth reading.
Most fanfiction is found only at fansites of the series or a general site for all types of fanfiction.
Obsessed Fan: I love Inuyasha sooooo much! *squeee* I'll write a fanfic of a super cool and powerful demon cat girl (that's basically me, only a 100 times better) that comes and takes Inuyasha from that evil bitch Kagome who doesn't deserve him (but I do cause I'm super cool)

Creative Writer: That anime show was so interesting and had some neat ideas, but I have a great, original idea: what if it went like this.... I think I'll write my own fanfiction about it.
by Marisa08 November 29, 2006

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An excellent anime bases loosely off of the manga series. It takes place in a world where alchemy is real and a science with certain laws and rules. The first and most important one is that nothing can be gained without sacrificing something of equal value in exchange. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse (Ed and Al for short) Elric who are gifted alchemists ignore the Law and try to bring their mother back to life. Because there is nothing that can equal the value of a human soul, Ed and Al succeed only in bringing back a mutilated body of their mom. Al loses his entire body in the process while Ed loses a leg. Ed then sacrifices his right arm to attach Al's soul to a suit of armor.
Now the brothers want to regain their original bodies back but the only way to do so is to use the mysterious Philosopher's Stome which can bypass the laws of alchemy. Ed, now sporting automail limbs in place of the one he lost, becomes a State Alchemist of the militarian government to access data on the Stone.
The series follows the boys' adventures as they try to find this Stone and face corrupt military leaders, chimera, homunculi, and other alchemists. Though most of the time it's serious and a real tear-jerker at some scence, it has it's share of comedy and laughter.
It has a well written plot, original characters, and great artwork.
Full Metal Alchemist is a great anime every anime-fan should at least preview it before saying how rotten it is compared to other animes.
by Marisa08 July 12, 2006

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A pretty good anime show. It follows the adventures of a Japanese high school girl , Kagome, who can travel between present day and Feudal Japan through an ancient well. The humans of the Feudal Era are terrorized by demons, some look very human while others are monsterous in appearance and size. Kagome meets a half demon, Inuyasha, and together with other friends they must collect the shards of a powerful crystal before evil demons use them to wreck havoc.
The overall plot is good and well thought out from what I've seen. The series tends to go at too slow a pace. Many episodes serve no point for the plot or for character developement. It tends to drag on and each episode follows the same basic path. The group comes across some village, person, or group which needs saving, they agree to help, Kagome (sometimes another girl) gets captured or trapped by some demon, Inuyasha saves her. There are some really great episodes that don't follow this format, but are lost in the sea of dozens of filler episodes. The series as a whole is well written and worth watching, but it may take 20 episodes to move the plot past one trivial subject and the main storyline forward.
Overall, it's worthwhile to watch, but the individual, unoriginal, storylines ruin the overall storyline of the series.
Inuyasha is an anime with way too many pointless filler episoeds to make it into a great one.
by Marisa08 July 12, 2006

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