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a short way to say "For some reason"
Somewhy, I'm really tired today.
by Marco St. John November 15, 2007

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To willingly waste time, as though you were floating in the zero-gravity of space without a care in your mind and nothing to do.
Shit, Sweetback, we've been spacin' gs all day today.... nothing can beat this.
by Marco St. John June 14, 2004

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sweetback refers to a dude who is too smooth and fresh to go by any other, less respectful, term.
Shit, sweetback, you be smoove with the bitches!
by Marco St. John June 22, 2004

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(adj.) well; Horrorshow
That's real properlike of you there son. You're really good.
by Marco St. John May 03, 2005

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To be in a state of calm, happy, oblivion.

Synonym: Spacin' gs
Guy 1: Hey man, what's goin on?
Guy 2: Just sittin here burning thirteen. Wanna do something?
Guy 1: Hell Yeah!
by Marco St. John July 28, 2004

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When you're in a tight spot, between a rock and a hard place, when the chips are down (or stacked against you), when you're behind the eight ball...then, my friend, you're "Pushin The Anvil".
Man 1: Shit sweetback, I just wanted to chief and space g's tonizzle! I should've never agreed to back you up against this gang of bikers, man, we're really pushin' the anvil now.

Man 2: Shut the fuck up.
by Marco St. John June 30, 2004

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to do it to it; go all out and do it real properlike. real horrorshow.
Hell yeah we're going out tonight; we're gonna take it to the house.
by Marco St. John May 03, 2005

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