34 definition by Marco

To ask for a service,favor but be generous.
Hook it up with a phat sak.
Hey, you wanna hook it up?
by Marco October 24, 2003

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A rarely seen baby pidgeon.
As I sat on the park bench I noticed a smidgeon hopping about near some shrubs.
by marco April 03, 2003

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ladies under carriage.
"i can smell your gunty from here"
by marco November 16, 2003

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When you want to make fun of someone, so you say shafted twat waffle because it's one of those words.
Uh, that crackhead
by Marco January 06, 2004

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Someone who enjoys shit as much as Stefan
Stefan is eating his own shit!
by Marco August 24, 2003

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Halo an Xbox game
h4l0 an Xbox game
by Marco June 08, 2004

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adj. See George W. Bush.
I heard George W. Bush can't pronounce his own nickname: "supercilious." And spell it? Hah!
by marco April 08, 2005

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