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A Verb used to describe someone who is starring at you and is anoying as hell

NOUN:you are a starefuck
VERB:Jon wont stop starefucking me so I punched him in the fucking face
ADVERB:He walks like a starefuck
by Marc Bez June 20, 2007

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An activity used to warm up ur arms, and mental ability before an event, in which, u take both arms and hand and point to the sky and scream "NIPLIP!", then procede to lick both index fingers and feel ur nips in as circular motion.
Jimmy Jones did his NIP-LIP-Warm-Ups before he ran the 5k run.
by Marc Bez June 22, 2007

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While a Person spins around playing some lame ass game with them selves,someone comes in and hits the person and they fall and cry.
Jenny was spinning and Gabriel gave her a Cyclone,Now Gabriel is going to get beat by jennys dad.
by Marc Bez June 20, 2007

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